NV4CFE is a non partisan educational organization whose primary mission is to educate and inform the people of Nevada and others as to the opportunities of implementing the Nevada Energy Park for storage of nuclear spent fuels, reprocessing those fuels, and generating power.  The results of implementation will be creating a dividend paying fund for Nevadans, similar to the Alaska Permanent Trust, creating sustainable high quality jobs that will contribute to the long term needs of Nevada.

Our main goal is to change the current plan at Yucca to include a recycling and research center that will bring billions of dollars to the state in research and technology funding and manufacturing jobs.   The Nuclear Waste Trust Fund is currently over $30 billion and growing.  It receives $750 million each year from the users of nuclear power, and another $720 million a year in interest. This is money that can be benefiting Nevadans TODAY!

Considering Nevada is the most economically-stressed state in the nation, we need to diversify our economy. We can no longer depend on tourism and gaming to fund our state. We have to find new, stable revenue sources, and the Nevada Energy Park is a start. Please contact your local representative and let them know you support Carbon-Free Energy and making Nevada an integral part of that goal.


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  1. Ken Koeppe / Nov 15 2013

    US Nuclear Energy Foundation has requested your cooperation in presenting YES the Yucca Educational Symposium at the Atlantis Casino & Resort on Sunday, November 24, 2013
    Could you please post this information to your members and request they attend?
    see usnuclearenergy.org for more information

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